MicroAd's ad platforms as seen by advertisers

MicroAd collects the countless number of ad spaces on the Internet into single platforms. When running an advertisement, you can focus your efforts by deciding which users to share advertisements with.

MicroAd BLADE, a demand-side platform (DSP)

MicroAd BLADE is a planning tool for display ads. With it, you can freely modify targeting and ad sharing from a single management screen.


  • Retargeting®* (for existing users)
  • Audience targeting (for new users) *Already has 400 million unique browsers (UBs; the largest number in Japan)
    • Advertisements can be shared with users that seem likely to convert
    • We possess one of the largest amounts of audience data in Japan

Cost per action (CPA) optimization algorithm

The publishers for transmission and bidding prices are automatically adjusted so that you can achieve the target CPA you set. Advertisements are automatically shared according to your target CPA.

Real-time bidding (RTB) function

Transactions are carried out for each impression across multiple ad networks. Unnecessary costs are reduced because impressions are bid for at suitable prices.

Can be used on multiple devices

This service supports display banners for PCs and smartphones.

MicroAd's ad platforms as seen by publishers

MicroAd COMPASS:SSP(Supply-Side Platform)

MicroAd COMPASS provides optimization functionalities for the management of direct-sold ad inventory and integrates programmatic selling through its connection with multiple Ad Networks and Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs).
With its implementation of real-time bidding (RTB), the high-demand ad spaces are able to earn higher unit prices, while the low-demand ad spaces can also be effectively utilized upon lower prices.

Leveraging MicroAd's audience database (MicroAd Pixel) which has a reach that spans 82% of Internet users ― MicroAd COMPASS enables ad delivery optimization for each impression by identifying which advertisement has both high ad effects for the advertiser and high returns for the publisher.

1. Ad revenue maximization through "Full Flat Auction"

In real time, MicroAd COMPASS implements "Full Flat Auction" among Ad Networks, Demand-side platforms (DSPs) and Direct-sold ads, and the most profitable advertisement will be displayed for each impression.

2. Comprehensive ad management tools

MicroAd COMPASS is equipped with comprehensive tools for the management of direct-sold ad inventory.
It allows publishers to adjust the ad delivery period and upper limit of delivery amount per day, further utilize the remnant inventory with inventory forecasting function, and improve the efficiency in managing both direct-sold, guaranteed ads and programmatic, RTB ads in a single interface.

3. Multi-device support

MicroAd COMPASS supports ad serving on multiple devices, including PCs and mobile devices. The management of advertisements on both PC and mobile websites is consolidated into a single interface, increase the effectiveness and efficiency.

MicroAd Kyoto Research Institute (Data Mining Team)

Overview of the Kyoto Research Institute: the value of data mining

No value is created just by possessing data; value is born depending on how data is collected and analyzed. In order to improve ad effects, MicroAd's dedicated data miners constantly analyze such data.

Activities for industry-academic cooperation

Joint research with Associate Professor Shigeo Matsubara

"Optimization of buying and selling methods in RTB environments for online advertising"

Associate Professor Shigeo Matsubara's research group uses artificial intelligence technologies for research regarding past auction system designs and the assignment of value to information. In this research, technologies are developed to analyze factors including the users browsing advertisements, ad space quality, and frequency.

Joint research with Assistant Professor Akihiro Sato

"Bidding price determination methods in the ad auction market using analogies with the financial market"

Assistant Professor Akihiro Sato's research group analyzes a large amount of data on the regularity of price fluctuations in the past in the financial market in an empirical way. Attention is paid to points of similarity between RTB and price determination processes in the financial market. In this way, this research studies methods for optimizing ad sharing by introducing financial transaction techniques.

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(*Retargeting® is a registered trademark of MicroAd, Inc. in Japan.)

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