Change #1: Construction of a massive network

Constructing a massive network makes it possible to greatly expand the number of ad spaces for delivery, and to share advertisements to ad space networks throughout Japan.

Change #2: Real-time bidding (RTB)

With RTB, you can automatically purchase the required impressions for your ad campaign from among ad spaces with over 70 billion monthly impressions.


RTB is a system for holding auctions in real time for one banner ad impression.

For one impression, multiple people who wish to display advertisements carry out bidding as necessary. The highest bidder wins the impression. Due to the widespread usage of RTB, ad space transactions are carried out with consideration given to who is viewing each impression. Buying ad spaces in impression units means that advertisers can more effectively purchase the impressions they require. This also leads to the possibility of improved ad revenue for publishers.

RTB infrastructure

RTB requires stable system infrastructure that calculates bids from people who wish to run ads for each impression, carries out competitive bidding, and determines the advertisement to be shared—all in the space of less than 0.1 seconds. Therefore, it's safe to say that RTB infrastructure can only be created by a small number of businesses that have experience with ad serving systems. Up until now, MicroAd has swiftly processed a vast amount of data as an ad network business, so we possess the technical strength and tuning expertise to create such system infrastructure. This system makes it possible to bid for over 2300 million ad impression sharing requests each day.

Change #3: Breaking free from conjecture-based marketing

In traditional marketing, advertisements are displayed in media that target users seem likely to encounter after imagining the targets that match the content and goals of the advertisement. However, as consumer values become more diverse, it is correct for marketers to specify images of their targets in this way? By analyzing actual visitors to advertiser websites, MicroAd makes it possible to extract targets to which advertisements should be displayed, and then to share ads only with users who should be targeted. MicroAd's data-driven marketing brings about major ad effects that could not be obtained through the conjecture-based marketing of the past.

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