Massive network

Advertisements are shared on prominent Japanese ad exchanges and server-side platforms (SSPs) through MicroAd BLADE. In this way it is possible to share advertisements on networks with a scale of over 70 billion impressions per month. By selecting suitable places to share advertisements from a wide range of ad spaces, you can pursue a greater return on investment (ROI) for your marketing.

Networks connected with MicroAd BLADE

MicroAd COMPASSPC&SmartPhone
Google DoubleClick AdExchange
Google DoubleClick AdExchangePC&SmartPhone
OpenX Market Japan
OpenX Market JapanPC
Yield One
Yield OnePC
i-mobile for SP
i-mobile for SPSmartPhone
Ambient Digital
Ambient DigitalPC

Highly precise targeting

MicroAd BLADE analyzes visitors to an advertiser's website, and then utilizes the results of these analyses for ad sharing through audience targeting and retargeting®*. MicroAd BLADE's targeting logic makes it possible to implement a wide range of marketing approaches, from improving awareness of advertised products and services to expanding the number of customers acquired.

Audience targeting (behavioral targeting)

"Audience targeting" refers to the analysis of user attributions via analyses of website access logs.

The website access logs of visitors are automatically analyzed to extract information about the user's intents, interests, and attributions. These analyses are then utilized for advertising—advertisements are shared to users who have intents and attributions that closely resemble those of the website visitor. In this way, it is possible to aim for more effective advertisements.

With MicroAd BLADE you can use audience targeting with custom profiles based on generic data, as well as profiling that is based on data extracted from website visitors.

1. Audience targeting through profiling

This method determines target users for ad sharing for each client by embedding MicroAd BLADE tags in the advertiser's website, and then understanding the attributions of the users that visit the website.

It differs from category-based audience targeting, in which categories are sorted ahead of time and then selected. By automatically extracting target users for each advertiser website, it is possible to target users that match the special characteristics of each advertiser.

Audience targeting through profiling

2. Audience targeting that uses generic data

You can select categories that have been prepared in advance by MicroAd to determine target users for ad sharing. This method is used in cases when it is difficult to place tags on pages that visitors are directed to, or if there are few users who visit.

Audience targeting that uses generic data


"Retargeting®"* refers to the tracking of users that have left a website. Each day, people are directed to the websites of advertisers through search engines and advertisements. However, before they arrive at their desired page most of them end up on an external website. The users who left the website might be interested in the content of the website. For example, in the case of an e-commerce website that sells products costing 100,000 JPY, only a few of the places where advertisements are displayed will have users who purchase products through listing advertisements. Because retargeting®* is for users who are already interested, it is an exceedingly efficient method. It is also effective for transmitting information that users wouldn't know without visiting your website a second time, such as promoting new campaigns.


Automatic cost per action (CPA) optimization through real-time bidding (RTB) (optimizing CPA)

The MicroAd BLADE engine automatically coordinates bidding prices with the publisher where ads are to be shared in a strategic way. In this way it maximizes the number of conversions and helps you achieve the CPA you have set as a goal, by introducing RTB for purchasing suitable impressions at suitable prices.

optimizing CPA

This is how MicroAd BLADE's CPA optimization is different!

MicroAd BLADE computes fair prices that are optimized in real time, making calculations for a massive amount of ad spaces that include how much to bid, at what winning percentage, and how many impressions can be achieved. MicroAd BLADE carries out a vast amount of calculations, which cannot be performed by hand, for each advertiser in real time.

Can be used on multiple devices

MicroAd is constructing a vast sharing network, centered on corporate online publishers, as a smartphone ad network that can be used on multiple devices including PCs, traditional cell phones, and smartphones. Ad sharing that uses various targeting methods helps maximize ad effectiveness for the corporation placing the advertisement, and also helps maximize revenue for the operator of the medium.

Various types of targeted sharing are available on MicroAd's smartphone ad network according to the needs of the corporation placing the advertisement.

Three characteristics

Category delivery options
Depending on the promoted services, groups of categorized media (such as for businesses, men, or women) can be specified for ad delivery.
OS/carrier delivery options
Depending on the promoted services, operating systems and cell phone carriers can be specified for ad delivery.
"Retargeting" targets users who have previously accessed advertisers' websites. This targeting method guarantees a high conversion rate.

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(*Retargeting® is a registered trademark of MicroAd, Inc. in Japan.)

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