What is MicroAd BLADE?

Schematic_What is MicroAd BLADE?

MicroAd BLADE is a Japanese demand-side platform (DSP) with one of Japan's largest sales shares.

MicroAd BLADE, a Japanese DSP with one of Japan's largest sales shares, makes it possible to place and manage display advertisements with the aim of maximizing advertisers' return on investment (ROI).

Advertisers can manage their advertisements using a single management screen that is easy for anybody to use. The highest effects can be expected of the advertisements that are placed and displayed from the management screen. Furthermore, they are posted in ad spaces with a high cost-benefit ratio.

Another merit of MicroAd BLADE is the ability to automatically purchase ad spaces from multiple ad networks through a real-time bidding (RTB) system that is linked with the ad destination. MicroAd BLADE coordinates with famous Japanese ad exchanges and server-side platforms (SSPs) to maintain ad spaces with approximately 70 billion impressions per month.

Over 10,000 companies are already utilizing this platform.

The four benefits of MicroAd BLADE

  • Massive network
    MicroAd BLADE, a platform for managing multiple ad exchange markets, comprises a massive network. For that reason, the number of ad spaces where advertisements can be transmitted is drastically larger than traditional systems.

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  • Highly precise targeting
    MicroAd possesses one of Japan's largest amounts of audience data. Through highly precise targeting, advertisements are transmitted to the ad spaces—which are plentiful across the Internet—for which the greatest advertising effects can be expected.

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  • Automatic CPA optimization through RTB
    MicroAd BLADE maximizes cost per action (CPA). It can be used to automatically adjust serving media and bidding price so that you can achieve the target CPA you set.

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  • Can be used on multiple devices
    In addition to ad management for PC websites, MicroAd BLADE can also be used for smartphone advertisements. Ad serving for both PCs and smartphones can be centrally managed.

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The major functions of MicroAd BLADE

Engagement optimization
Even at stages with small amounts of conversion data, engagement is optimized to optimize bidding.
Global frequency
Retargeting®* via MicroAd BLADE makes it possible to realize "global frequency caps"—a genuine type of frequency cap—that span multiple ad networks and exchanges.
(*Retargeting® is a registered trademark of MicroAd, Inc. in Japan.)
Centralized submission interface
Using MicroAd BLADE decreases the labor required to separately submit advertisements to multiple ad exchanges and ad networks. It is predicted that even more ad exchanges and SSPs will appear in the future, so a major benefit of MicroAd BLADE is the ability to centrally manage advertisements.
Global promotion
This Japanese DSP is making inroads into ad markets across the world.

Result data and how to start

Result data
Since this service was begun, it has won strong acclaim from many advertisers in a wide range of industries.
The steps to introducing this system
It is possible to transmit advertisements through just a few easy steps.
Fees and charge system
Initial registration fees are free. With our simple charge system, you can concentrate on your actual marketing tasks.

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