List of jobs

At MicroAd there are all kinds of jobs (ways to work), and we will continue to expand our range of business fields. We are after people who have the passion to create the future of the company.

Consulting sales
Responding to the needs of advertisers, provide consulting service and proposing MicroAd advertising products.
Media sales
Approaching media companies and proposing the maximization of media ad profits through providing services.
System engineering
This is a fundamental section that supports the ad distribution technologies and which designs and develops ad distribution systems.
Business development
Promoting global business development using MicroAd's technology.
Advertising Group
Ongoing transmission of information to improve company branding and recognition, as well as continually communicating with external parties.
Management Department (accounting)
Acquiring professional accounting skills and supporting expanding businesses in Japan and overseas as a management section.
Personnel Department
Creating talents and organizations. Organizing the employment of new graduates, mid-career professionals, as well as trainings and other tasks with both offense and defense stances.

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