MicroAd's strong will is to take on challenges in markets with great future potential

What is the most attractive aspect of the Internet industry?
If I were asked that question I would answer without hesitation that the most attractive aspect of the Internet industry would be that it changes very quickly and drastically. The future is unknown. Right now, we can't determine what will happen a decade later right. In other words, we can create the future ourselves. I believe the future in terms of the Internet is what we create, and that it is created by everyone. The fact that the changes are rapid means there is an environment that provides opportunities to young people. Rather than flowing along with the times, creating an epoch will, without any doubt, allow us to enjoy our time in a fulfilling way.
Kentaro Watanabe, CEO

Building a career

There are job fields here for young people. At MicroAd, there is no seniority ranking. As a company developing business using cutting-edge technologies, our working environment allows our employees to each improve their own personal value within the market as they grow. Here are some career examples.

  • Yuki Mori:President, MicroAd China, Inc.

List of jobs

At MicroAd there are all kinds of jobs (ways to work), and we will continue to expand our range of business fields. We are after people who have the passion to create the future of the company.

  • Consulting sales
  • Media sales
  • System engineering
  • Business development
  • Advertising Group
  • Management Department (accounting)
  • Personnel Department


The world is the battlefield for MicroAd, where young people can accumulate experience and increase their options. We are looking for people who can create expanding businesses with us.

  • New graduates
  • Mid-career professionals
  • Applications are currently being accepted via Rikunabi

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