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  October 28, 2016

Sky Magic By MicroAd Awarded The Special Prize By ACM SIGGRAPH At Digital Content EXPO 2016

Japan (October 28, 2016) – MicroAd Inc. is pleased to announce that it’s project, Sky Magic has attained the Special Prize awarded by ACM SIGGRAPH at the Digital Content EXPO 2016 (DC EXPO), an international event that focuses on digital content technology.


Sky Magic by MicroAd has been nominated in the Digital Content EXPO 2016 (DC EXPO) under the category “Innovative Technologies”, set up to commend the innovative technologies that contributes to the growth and developments of this industry. Sky Magic by MicroAd, launched in April 2016, exhibited their next generation service that utilizes drones to design the space with lights and sounds. The exhibit captured the judges’ attention and was awarded the “Special Prize” by ACM (Association for Computer Machinery) SIGGRAPH (Special Interest Group for Computer Graphics). 





“We are elated to be recognised by the industry for our efforts towards Sky Magic. Honestly, we did not expect to be nominated yet clinching the Special Award. This would be a huge encouragement for the team, and definitely boosted the morale for everyone.” MicroAd’s CEO, Mr. Kentaro Watanabe said. 


With this award, Sky Magic by MicroAd will qualify to partake in “SIGGRAPH 2017” the world’s largest, most influential annual conference and exhibition in computer graphics and interactive techniques held in Los Angeles, scheduled to take place from July 30 to August 3, 2017. 




About Digital Content EXPO 2016 (DC EXPO)

The Digital Content EXPO 2016 (DC EXPO) sponsored by the Digital Content Association of Japan (DCAJ) is an international event that focuses on digital content technology and how the future of its industry will be like, a platform to exchange the latest information those active in the industry.

“Innovative Technologies” is a project to recognize those technologies which are expected to contribute a lot to the growth of content industry. It is organized by METI and gives a chance to be exhibited and demonstrated to the general public at DC EXPO to those publicly. Those 20 technologies were selected from 80 candidates of Japanese university or company.



ACM SIGGRAPH is an international organization that consists of members who love computer graphics and interactive techniques. SIGGRAPH is the name of the annual conference on computer graphics (CG) convened by the ACM SIGGRAPH organization.


About Sky Magic by MicroAd

Sky Magic by MicroAd’s vision is to transform the sky into an informative display for the people. By using flying machines equipped with LED lights and synchronized with the music, Sky Magic by MicroAd provides an audio visual performance on an aerial display platform, which is the sky. This we term it as the next generation entertainment. For more information, please visit

For the first project, we had performed at Mt.Fuji, using 25 drones equipped 165,000 LED lights. To view the video, please visit 




Future of Sky Magic by MicroAd

With the goal to fly more than 100 drones by next year, we intend to be integrated into various events to spur the entertainment value, including opening ceremonies, festivals and brand experiences, at venues such as amusement parks and stadiums. On top of that, we are able to create a drone formation of your desired logo for branding purpose, to deliver your very own message from the sky!


About MicroAd

MicroAd is the pioneering ad platform company in Japan and has expanded its presence across the Asia region. Dedicated to provide optimization solutions for online display advertising, it has launched the programmatic ad platforms of both demand and supply sides. For more information, please visit 

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