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  May 04, 2016

MicroAd Brings“Sky Magic”, Next Generation Entertainment Using Flying Machines,
The first ever to design the space with audiovisual technology

JAPAN - April 20, 2016 - MicroAd today announced “Sky Magic”, a revolutionary way of entertainment with audiovisual effects through the use of flying machines. It will be the first installment of “MicroAd Magic!”, a project designed to provide next generation entertainment.


The advent of the Internet 20 years ago had deeply impacted and changed the lives of people significantly, and altered the behaviors of consumers. MicroAd believes that in 20 years down the road, an even more drastic change will occur, and there is no exact time or place for the process to occur. With the anticipation of changes that is about to happen, MicroAd launched a new project initiative, “MicroAd Magic!”, that encompasses the latest, cutting-edge advertising technology released in the last 20 years. And Creative Director Mr. Tsuyoshi Takashiro will lead the first phase of this project “Sky Magic”.



MicroAd, which has been providing a display advertising platform since 2011, will now utilized small unmanned flying machines that make full use of state-of-the-art technology, equipped with LED lights, synchronized with audio effects, to provide an audio visual extravaganza, a potential new method of advertising media and entertainment.


In the future, by mounting the DMX 512 that is used during the stage setup to the flying machines, you will be able to control the audio, lighting and the flying machines concurrently. As a result, including “Sky Magic” services in large scale events such as festivals, or any other events at places like theme parks, stadiums or rugby fields will be made possible.




Beautiful backdrop of the world heritage site Mt. Fuji was used to stage the first Live performance using MIDI controlled LED flying machines, accompanied by Shamisens, the Japanese traditional guitars. Please check our official website and channels of Vimeo and Youtube



"The first phase of revolutionizing the Internet is “Sky Magic.” The sky is one of the few remaining frontier in the new cyber space. It is the objective of this project. I would like to reach out to as many people in various places in the 21st century of fireworks." said Kentaro Watanabe, MicroAd’s CEO. 


Magic! Project Creative Director, Mr. Tsuyoshi Takashiro said, "Three years ago, I would never phantom the possibility of this idea. But now, I will soon see cameras flying in the sky. Information display will eventually pop out from the frame. From virtual reality, to finally a realistic virtual.” 



About Tsuyoshi Takashiro

Tsuyoshi Takashiro is Japanese creative director, film producer, author and futurist. He was born in the city of Tokyo. His filmmaking career began with the“Tokyo International Video Biennale Grand Prix”award from Nippon University College of Arts. After that he worked for Sony “AIBO”, Louis Vuitton“Super flat monogram”etc. Besides filmmaking and book writing, he appeared in TV commercials of NIKE, Panasonic, PlayStation, Virgin Atlantic and Vodafone. He was appointed as a special member to be in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Information and Communications Council expert committee member in Japan.

In 2014, he is winner of Kindle Digital Publishing Award by Amazon for the year.
His latest book titled “Do Flying Androids Dreams of Black Cats” expresses his views about the future cities with flying machines. 


About MicroAd

MicroAd is the pioneering ad platform company in Japan and has expanded its presence across the Asia region. Dedicated to provide optimization solutions for online display advertising, it has launched the programmatic ad platforms of both demand and supply sides. For more information, please visit 


Established: July 2, 2007
CEO: Kentaro Watanabe
Location: Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Maruyama-cho, Shibuya 19-1 prime Plaza 9th floor
Business Operations: Business ad platform business, ad network business, overseas business development 



Please check our official website and channels of Vimeo and Youtube

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