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  April 18, 2016

MicroAd Unveils New Solution Package For Cross-boarder Ecommerce In India

India (April 18, 2016) – MicroAd Inc., an advertising platform company that provides optimization solutions for online display advertising, is pleased to announce that it has officially launched a new solution package for the cross-boarder Ecommerce Market in India. It will aid in allowing Japanese companies to penetrate and expand into the Indian Ecommerce market more easily.


In recent years, the growth rate of India’s GDP increased by 7% as compared to the previous year, which was more than the growth rate of China. India has the world's largest youth population, with half of India’s population being under 25 years of age and sales of smartphones increasing by 100 million yearly, and is therefore seen as a lucrative market. The GMV (Gross Merchandise Volume) of the top three companies (Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal) is forecasted to achieve 1 trillion yen by 2015 and triple to 2.7 trillion yen by 2016.


As such, there are strong demands for Japanese affiliated companies to try and reach out to the Indian Ecommerce market. However, issues such as the lack of sale networks, logistics and support from the locals make it difficult for these companies to penetrate into the market. Furthermore, foreign investment was strictly restricted to only allow Indian ownership of businesses.


With these restrictions, MicroAd has launched a new solution package to help ease the situation and provide a platform for Japanese companies enter into the Indian Ecommerce market. 


  • It has partnerships with a logistics partner company, Kintetsu World Express (India) Pvt. Ltd. (KWE), and a sales partner company, Gati Import-Export Trading Ltd. (GIETL), which will act as a representative to operate in the marketplace.

  • With GIETL Inc. as a sales partner, it acts as a seller to foreign companies, allowing intercompany transactions (B2B Business) to take place.

  • Also, without having to rely on the existing marketplace available such as Amazon and Flipkart, new businesses are able to create their own EC sites with their own personal domains (eg. brand name This would enable companies to create a strong branding for them in the India market.

This new solutions package provided by MicroAd will cater to the customers needs and help them enter into the India market. GIETL will be responsible for the import business and sales operations, KWE India will be responsible for logistics and warehouse management, while MicroAd will provide the solutions for setting up of the marketplace, customer collections and CRM, supporting payments for settlement correspondence and arrange contracts with local companies for online payment.


About Kintetsu World Express (India) Pvt. Ltd. (KWE)

KWE India is the Indian subsidiary of Kintetsu World Express (KWE), which is part of the Kintetsu Group, established in 1970, a global conglomerate consisting of 130 affiliated companies with interests in a diverse range of industry verticals. Set up in the year 1997, with headquarters at Bangalore and regional offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai. KWE has even established a joint venture with Gati Ltd, India's leading distribution company which was aimed at combining Gati's expertise in express distribution in the country with KWE's freight forwarding expertise and global customer base.


About Gati Import Export Trading Limited  (GIETL)

Gati Import Export Trading Limited was founded in 2008, and provides import and export business agency services, services related to purchasing and sales, such as procurement and sale business affairs agency services in India, focusing on Ecommerce. They are registered as exhibitors on sites such as Amazon India, Flipkart, and Snapdeal.


About MicroAd

MicroAd is the pioneering ad platform company in Japan and has expanded its presence across the Asia region. Dedicated to provide optimization solutions for online display advertising, it has launched the programmatic ad platforms of both demand and supply sides. There are currently more than 12,000 advertisers using its platforms for effective ad management and programmatic ad trading. For more information, please visit

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