About MicroAd


May 2004
Began business as part of CyberAgent, Inc.
July 2007
Established MicroAd, Inc.
100% capital investment from CyberAgent, Inc.
March 2008
Opened the Osaka Branch
August 2008
Opened the Kyoto Research Institute
September 2008
Established MicroAd Hong Kong Holdings, Ltd. in Hong Kong
December 2008
Established MicroAd Taiwan, Ltd.
February 2009
Established MicroAd Technology Development (Shenyang), Ltd. in China
February 2011
Established MicroAd China, Inc. in China
April 2011
Established MicroAd Plus, Inc. (100% capital investment)
April 2011
Opened the Fukuoka Sales Office
June 2011
Established PT MicroAd Indonesia (a joint venture company) in Indonesia
May 2012
Established a base for MicroAd China, Inc. in Beijing
August 2012
Established MicroAd Singapore Pte. Ltd. in Singapore
November 2012
Established MicroAd Vietnam Joint Stock Company in Vietnam
December 2012
Established MicroAd India Pte.Ltd. in India
June 2013
Established MicroAdSEA (a joint venture company) in Singapore
August 2013
Established MicroAd Digital Signage, Inc. (100% capital investment)
October 2013
Opened the Nagoya Sales Office
October 2013
Established PT.MicroAd BLADE Indonesia in Indonesia
February 2014
Established MicroAdSEA Philippines Inc.
August 2014
Opened the MicroAd Vietnam Joint Stock Company in Hanoi
August 2014
Established MicroAd Korea, Inc. in South Korea
October 2014
Established News Technology, Inc. (a joint venture company)
December 2014
Established Enhance, Inc. (100% capital investment)
January 2015
Established MicroAd Inbound Marketing, Inc. (100% capital investment)
February 2015
Established MicroAd (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (a joint venture company) in Thailand
November 2015
Established MicroAd MicroAd DFs, Inc. (100% capital investment)
December 2015
Opened the MicroAd Singapore in Malaysia

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