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MicroAd's BRAIN is another expression for Engine Development Section. Engine Development Section is established for the purpose of developing ad serving engine and big data processing system. We are especially focusing on developing Demand Side Platform "MicroAd BLADE" and a next generation ad serving engine.

Engine Development Section

Ad Serving Engine

What is an ad serving engine?


To put it simply, ad serving engine is automation of marketing process. Ad serving engine solves problems like collection of data, examination of market trend and promotion measurement through automation. It is a clever partner for marketers.

MicroAd BLADE, as an example, allows marketers to deliver ads on web sites with easy settings. There are more than 65 million users and 10 million ad spots and it will be difficult to find prospective customers and select appropriate ad spots to deliver ads if campaigns are managed manually. With MicroAd BLADE, by fully taking advantage of algorithms, marketers can deliver appropriate ads to individual customers.


To make these functions alive, Engine Development Section takes all responsibility regarding with data; from analysis to design.

It is important that we take responsibility for designing application of data. We cannot develop valuable products by just analyzing data. It is like a skillful chef cannot cook delicious food with rotten ingredients. We have to select worth data for analysis and use actual results in an appropriate manners. Members of Engine Development Section are professionals who can analyze data and use results for developing valuable products.

deliver valuable information with ad

We live in an information age. Corporations have more information than they have ever had. Consumers also have vast amount of information. Thanks to technology, we can get convenient information easily. However, excessive information sometimes makes us uncomfortable. In such an era, it is important to provide worthy information. So as not to give discomfort, it is necessary to control information using technology as an air-conditioner makes us comfortable by controlling temperature. We pursue data utilization method in order to support creative marketing activity and provide users new discovery.

Yuki Matsuda, Manager
Platform Development Group

The mission of the Product Development Department

As its name indicates, the Product Development Department is responsible for all product creation-related processes at MicroAd. The aim of our activities is to constantly offer products with high added value.

We are engaged in a series of overall product development work, including drafting strategies, planning products, design, operational support, and making improvements. We also hold tie-up and business-related negotiations with our external partners. Our industry is one of intense changes, and we will immediately fall behind if we don't continually evolve and provide new value.

Our mission is to create products that have an impact on the market, and to further expand the market itself as a market leader.

Creating the best products for the overall market

We engage in two approaches for product development.

The first approach is to continually make detailed revisions while paying attention to customer trends. This involves precisely analyzing the customer-related trends that can be seen from various numerical values circulated via platforms on a daily basis, and then discovering things to improve through repeated hypotheses and tests. In addition, we also hold discussions with each Sales Department, actually go to visit our corporate customers, and listen to customer comments. In this way we gain insight about our customers' states of mind, and at times make proposals for improvements. These efforts are part of our approach to enhance the current value of our products.

Our second approach is one of providing products by putting together actual business models. This makes it possible to return high performance to our customers and resolve issues and inefficiencies, which is accomplished through the expertise we have accumulated and our birds-eye view of the entire market. This approach consists of work to create new value for the future. Through our two approaches—of the present time and the future, and of incorporating the needs of the market and focusing on products—we continue exploring optimum ways of being for the overall market, and evolving our entire business.

Future developments: the concept of platforms and global expansion

We offer two major products: MicroAd BLADE, a DSP for advertisers, and MicroAd AdFunnel, a SSP for publishers.

In 2011, MicroAd carried out major innovations of the ad platform business among the ad network services that we have continued providing since our establishment. At the present time, these two platforms are growing favorably in terms of sales and numbers of customers. However, we feel that we have not yet accomplished the creation of platforms in the truest sense that can serve as business infrastructure for all types of customers.

In the future we will constructively improve our original products, and will also carry out open cooperation with our external partners. In this way we will work to increase the number of choices for customers and to improve the value of our platforms. In addition, MicroAd is also proactively carrying out overseas development. As of May 2012 we have already begun business at three bases in Shanghai, Beijing, and Indonesia. We intend to offer MicroAd BLADE mainly from these three bases at first. We are also planning to advance into other countries so that we can provide value to as many customers as possible on a global scale. At that time we will have to engage in full-scale competition with companies in Europe and the United States—the origin of this business—so we will need to further improve our competitive power in the realm of product development.

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