What is MicroAd?

MicroAd carries out the ad platform and ad network businesses in the field of online advertising.

In the ad platform business, we offer MicroAd BLADE, a demand-side platform (DSP), and MicroAd COMPASS, a supply-side platform (SSP). Cutting-edge display ad serving technologies such as these have become the mainstream in the United States. We provide mutually suitable solutions to both advertisers, such as optimized ad serving, and to publishers, such as the maximization of revenue.

Our ad network business is among the largest in Japan. We develop ad serving using the technologies we have cultivated such as behavioral targeting and retargeting®*, utilizing audience data possessed by our own service called MicroAd Pixel.

We have also begun business in overseas locations including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, the Philippines, South Korea and Thailand. In the future as well we will proactively engage in business overseas.

(*Retargeting® is a registered trademark of MicroAd, Inc. in Japan.)

Demand-side platforms (DSPs) Platforms for advertisers developed with the goal of centrally managing effect verification and transmission optimization for multiple ad spaces
Supply-side platforms (SSPs) Services to optimize revenue and ad supply from the publisher side through the centralized management of multiple advertisements

MicroAd covered

Network scale

MicroAd offers one of Japan's largest ad networks, with a possible domestic serving of 90% or greater. The reach of this network inside Japan is approximately 65 million unique users (UUs) per month.

Monthly reach of MicroAd

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